From its founding, Deva Church has always been actively interested in and supportive of Christian work at home and abroad. This involvement shows itself in the regular financial giving to certain works, updates at meetings and Members being actively involved as individuals with specific works.

Below are some of the works Deva and its members are involved with:

The Slavic Gospel Association particularly its Widows Project www.sga.org.uk

The Far Eastern Broadcasting Association  which provides Christian broadcasts www.feba.org.uk

Karuna Action and its Children's Home in Albania New Beginnings Childrens Home


Echoes of Service which is now known as Echoes Internationl which we use to channel gifts when major disasters occur. Echoes International is the result of a unique opportunity provided by God to join together Interlink and Echoes of Service, enabling us to bring a new energy to mission. The combined heritage of over 140 years in supporting mission work and established links with churches and individuals means we can connect more people with the needs of mission today.         https://www.echoesinternational.org.uk/

The Gideons International who supply God’s word throughout the World.    

   www.Gideons.org.ukGideon Bible

The Soldiers and Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association (SASRA) who support our Armed Services wherever these brave men and women find themselves.  www.sasra.org

                               SASRA Our Day

Merseyside Christian Youth Camps (MCYC) who for decades have run camps in North Wales for young people. Deva has been involved by encouraging our youngsters to go to the camps and by supplying workers.www.mcyc.org.uk

The Bible Society that provides copies of The Scriptures in many languages to many people. Deva is involved locally through the Prestatyn Action Group which is part of the Local Churches organisation The CYTUN. www.biblesociety.org.uk

MEDCARE is a Christian based medical charity that works in Uganda to provide healing for body and spirit.


MEDCARE Hospital

These are just some of the works Deva is pleased to have an interest in as we look to fulfil our Christian duty by supporting such works always remembering the Parable of Jesus in Matthew 25 with His words, ‘Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’

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