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Christ in you, the hope of glory - Colossians 1 v. 27

  • Ffordd Pant Y Celyn
  • Prestatyn
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Holy Bible

Deva Church actively encourages  everyone to read and study The Bible to find out what God is saying to us as individuals  and to The World.  We pray that everyone who looks into God's Word will come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour, and with the Holy Spirit's guidance will receive encouragment from the scriptures to help them in  their daily lives.

To this end, all our meetings include a reading of God's Word and/or a talk based on a passage of scripture.

Please click on the audio files below to get a taste of the Bible ministry at Deva.

(PLEASE NOTE: All recordings are 'live' and may contain background noise and/or interference from other equipment.  Please adjust your audio settings accordingly to filter out unwanted distractions.  Thank you.)

Recent Sermons

12th May 2019 - Matthew 13 Parables - John Culleton

Series in Mark's Gospel

In January 2019, we started a series on Sunday mornings going through the Gospel of Mark; the sermons will appear below as we progress through the chapters.

13th January 2019 - Mark 1 - David Jones

20th January 2019 - Mark 2 - Andrew Dalton

27th January 2019 - Mark 3 - David Jones

10th February 2019 - Mark 4 - Andrew Dalton

17th February 2019 - Mark 5 - Ken Platt (partial recording)

24th March 2019 - Mark 6 - David Phillips

7th April 2019 - Mark 7 - Andrew Dalton

5th May 2019 - Mark 8 - David Jones

Series In Romans

On Tuesday evenings, David Phillips is taking us through a study of Paul's letter to the Romans; the sermons will appear below as we progress through the chapters.

5th February 2019 - Introduction and Overview

12th February 2019 - Romans 1 - 2

19th February 2019 - Romans 2 - 3

2nd April 2019 - Romans 4 - 5:2

9th April 2019 - Romans 5:3-11

14th May 2019 - Romans 5:12-21

More sermons will follow as we continue to develop this page, so keep checking back for updates.

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