Deva Church was started in March 1964 by a group of Christians who moved to North Wales from the West Midlands. The Church was originally set up along the lines of an Open Brethren Assembly but over the decades it has developed into what can be described as an independent Evangelical Church run by its members.

Deva operates on a Biblical basis and this can be seen in the application of Acts 2 v 42 where the Church 'devoted themselves to The Apostles Teaching, to Fellowship, to The Breaking of Bread (Communion)and to Prayer'

The Apostles Teaching

The Church Biblebelieves in The Bible as The  Word  of God as originally written down and inspired by The Holy Spirit. Therefore, all it does and believes is based on The Bible and to achieve this many meetings are arranged for Bible Study and Ministry.


The members meet regularly for fellowship and visitors are welcome to come and join us at all of our meetings. Sunday is when we have our Family Service where we meet to worship in song, Prayer and Bible ministry.  We also have a weekly Prayer and Ministry meeting on Tuesday evenings which often includes reports on Missionary work throughout the UK and The World.

For details of all our meetings see our "MEETINGS" page.

Deva believes in 'the priesthood of all believers' and so encourages all to use the gifts God has given them whether this be in ministry, music, organising or in using practical skills.

Being independent the Church is run by its Members who through prayer and consultation recognise a group of leaders, called Elders, to serve the Church and co-ordinate its activities as guided by the Holy Spirit.


Communion/Breaking of Bread                                                                  

Communion table with cupEvery Sunday the Church meets to celebrate Communion which we call 'Breaking of Bread'. 

All  who love The Lord are invited to share in this meeting as we break bread and take wine following the command of Jesus.


The Church encourages all to involve themselves with individual Prayer but we also meet together for regular times of Prayer mainly at our Tuesday evening meeting.

To comply with Legislation, Deva Church is a Registered Charity having the Reference 1152350.

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